This is a list of fan made episodes, OCs, shippings and more of the new Pound Puppies show on The Hub. Feel free to add anything!


The following is a list of possible pairings for the show:

  • Lucky and Cookie: the most popular pairing. Hinted many times
  • Squirt and Strudel: hinted in "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve"
  • Fang and Cookie: focused on in "Rebel Without a Collar"
  • Strudel and Niblet: rarely hinted but Niblet says "Glitterpants" (Strudel) was pretty.
  • Chuckles and Strudel: hinted in "Dog on a Wire"
  • Niblet and Giblet: focused on in "When Niblet Met Giblet"
  • Lucky and Dolly: Lucky had a crush on Dolly in "The General"
  • Niblet and Dolly: Niblet was the only one to give Dolly something in "Mutternal Instincts"
  • Squirt and Fluffy: hinted in "Kennel Kittens Return"
  • Patches and Cupcake: never hinted but they do play together a lot
  • Patches and Rebound: Rebound once brushed up on Patches
  • Strudel and Antonio: focused on in "Hot Dawg!"
  • Cookie and Antonio: also focused on in "Hot Dawg!"

Fan Made EpisodesEdit

These are fan made episodes! Do what you want in them!