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Welcome to the WikiEdit

The Pound Puppies are a group of dogs who spend most of their time at Shelter 17. Together with a group of squirrels, they operate a secret and highly sophisticated underground facility beneath the pound, aimed at finding puppies or even grown up dog's owners. They rely on their motto, "A pup for every person, and a person for every pup". Although the facility is filled with advanced equipment and is often shown bustling with activity, it consistently manages to avoid detection by the pound's human staff.

A recurring plot often involves the Pound Puppies helping dogs find loving homes and coming across various challenges as they do so. Once a dog is successfully matched with a new owner, the Pound Puppies give him/her a dog tag shaped like a dog house as a parting gift.

Monthly PollEdit

This is where we will have a poll every month! The winner will be honored with something on their page (if they have one) and something on the Fanon page as well! Happy voting!

Who makes the best couple?

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