Rebound is a sheepdog puppy with ponytail-like ears with big eyes and a red collar. In Rebound she was first seen wagging her tail at the Smashinator then Olaf puts her to the pound then she meets the Pound Puppies except Niblet.Then she spotted her then she got brokenhearted got in Agatha's limo then she got adopted. in The Prince and the Pupper she appears briefly inside the limo and outside tied up in a leash. In My Fair Rebound she had a tooth sticking out and she meets Sterling Van Oxnard a snooty Airedale Terrier in the dog show she got brokenhearted again then she starts bawling then she got trained and won the prize.In Zoltron she appears briefly inside the alien festival dressed up with Agatha. In Bone Voyage she was visiting the Pound Puppies then she left her then she started chasing a taxi cab then she look like Benny the Bulldog then she starts crying then she hopped in the kitchen then she goes under the sunbathing chair then she licked her hand while she is relaxing at the spa. in Lucky Gets Adopted she appears briefly celebrating Woof Barktooth Day, listening Strudel's story, and biting the sabortooth piantaa and eats the goodies she makes a cameo in the new theme song with Cupcake and Patches giving a Shaggles a dog tag.